Auto PeakTrace 6.01 Released

We have released Auto PeakTrace 6.01 and PeakTrace 6.01 for Linux. This is a minor update that fixes a small issue with the clear range trim when combined with other trim settings. The changes are:New feature. Select the edited or original base … [Read more]

More papers mentioning the use of PeakTrace

Here are some new publications that mention the use of PeakTrace in their methods sections. While most people using PeakTrace are unaware they are using it as it is being performed automatically for them by their DNA sequencing service provider, it … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 6 RP Software Released

We have released Auto PeakTrace 6 RP. This is a major update to our PeakTrace RP software and offers a number of improvement and new features as well as the usual improvements and fixes. The full list of changes are.New Feature. Clean … [Read more]

How to upgrade to Auto PeakTrace 6

To upgrade to Auto PeakTrace 6 you will need to update your system and obtain a PeakTrace license update. Here are steps required to do this upgrade. The links will take you to the specific pages that explain how to do each step.Update your … [Read more]

How to find the Auto PeakTrace 6 License Code

The license code must be supplied to upgrade Auto PeakTrace 5 to Auto PeakTrace 6. This information is contained on the Licensing Information window of Auto PeakTrace 6.Open the options window and click on License button.  Mouse over the … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 6 Released

A major update to PeakTrace has been released - PeakTrace 6. This version has a large number of improvements and new features and it is highly recommended that all users update to this version (it is a free upgrade). Both the Windows (Auto PeakTrace) … [Read more]

PeakTrace Online Now Using PeakTrace 6

We have updated the free version of PeakTrace Basecaller to use PeakTrace 6. This update is a significant upgrade for PeakTrace and it generates superior trace files compared to the 5.90 version. We will be releasing the standalone versions … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 5.92 Released

We have released Auto PeakTrace 5.92 today. This is just a small bug release version to fix a few rare bugs. If you are not having any problems with Auto PeakTrace 5.91 then this update is optional. We are working on a major update which we hope to … [Read more]