Auto PeakTrace 5.92 Released

We have released Auto PeakTrace 5.92 today. This is just a small bug release version to fix a few rare bugs. If you are not having any problems with Auto PeakTrace 5.91 then this update is optional. We are working on a major update which we hope to … [Read more]

PeakTrace FTP Retired

We have as of today retired the PeakTrace FTP service.  This service has been superseded by Auto PeakTrace RP. To establish a PeakTrace RP account please contact us. … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 5.91 Released

A minor update to correct a problem that can occur if your DNA sequencer's system time is wrong. If the time on the ABI sequencer is not correct then the traces can fail to be processed by PeakTrace. If the time is significantly out of alignment a … [Read more]

How to Upgrade to PeakTrace 5.90

If you want to upgrade to the PeakTrace 5.90 series (the current release is 5.92) there are a few steps that you need to do first.Check if you are running a version of PeakTrace prior to 5.70. The version number is shown at the top of the … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace 5.90 Released

We have released Auto PeakTrace 5.90 (the Auto PeakTrace:Box version). This is a major update that supports many new run conditions and includes improved base calling for many previously supported run conditions. Both the Windows and Linux versions … [Read more]

Auto PeakTrace RP 5.90 Released

A major update for Auto PeakTrace RP. This version brings a number of changes and improvements and is defiantly worth updating to if you are running any earlier version. Auto PeakTrace RP 5.90 can be downloaded from the downloads page. If you are … [Read more]

How to Install PeakTrace License Update

A common question is how to install the PeakTrace License Update File so that the license on your USB key is current. It is very simple1. When you receive the update file (most likely by email) save it in a suitable location. Note that … [Read more]